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How to build a successful online brand

Today’s shoppers have a new savvy about them. Fewer people than ever are impulse buyers. Due to the advent of the internet, people can review, compare, and select items without the help of a salesperson. They know how to find out what meets their needs with a few keystrokes. Capitalizing on this fact can result in your putting your company and your brand in a position to gain substantial market share.

Paying attention to your reputation can help you fine tune it over time. Even if you’re known for quality in your niche, you can become known as the best and encourage a reputation that becomes a source of word-of-mouth marketing (which is the best because it’s free and will go viral online). But how do you ensure you’re what the consumer finds as the best choice when you have a business to run?

It all goes back to your online brand. In order to be successful in your prep work, you must begin by defining the goal of your brand. What your brand needs is a personality!

For example, think about the Apple brand and the first thing that comes to mind is young and trendy. Similarly, you need to create awareness for your brand – the moment someone enters your site, they must have a perception about your brand and what you offer.

Successful online brand building requires careful planning. To achieve this goal, you will have to ensure that:

• The objective of your brand is clearly defined.

• Your brand logo is visible on each page of your site.

• Your site has user friendly look and feel.

• Your site is easy to navigate.
• Quality content is uploaded on your site on regular basis.

• Online and offline branding is done at the same time.

• Develop a fan following for your brand on various social media networks like Twitter, Face-book, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

• Original and informative articles, blogs, press releases etc., are submitted to appropriate media outlets, online and in print, at regular intervals.

You may also want to consider starting a rewards program for your top customers to provide an incentive and encourage more sales.

If someone regularly uses your services or buys your products, tell everyone else about that individual or have them submit a testimonial (with their written permission of course!) This gesture will encourage this and other customers to spend more on your brand and validate your reputation in the marketplace.

With the above online brand and reputation building tips, you will see an increase in traffic on your site, stronger build brand recognition, and grow your business in 2011!

SANJU GANGLANI is the President of Gang&lani Productions, a Mississauga-based custom marketing services company and cofounder, brand & land

Need guidance? Write to Sanju at sanju@gang andlaniproductions.com. With over seven years of experience with the largest Fortune 500 companies, Sanju Ganglani specializes in brand management, web marketing, event management and revenue generation planning. Visit www.gangandlani-productions.com or www.brandandland.com for more information.

Posted: Jan 6, 2011

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