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Research scientist makes a life-changing discovery

Dr Siyaram Pandey is hailed as the scientist who has possibly discovered the cure for several types of cancer. A professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor, his research is focused on apoptosis (cell suicide), which is central to various aspects of human health including neuro-degeneration, stroke and cancer. The dandelion root extract he worked with has been approved by Health Canada for clinical trials against blood-related cancers, becoming the first natural cure for cancer to receive the approval. “I am not the world’s best cancer researcher,” says Dr Pandey. “These cures should have discovered 20 years ago. But the blame...

Posted: Oct 1, 2019

The three Ps of problem-solving

As a retired senior executive, I try not to go back to the organizations that I served because new executives don’t need previous executives poking around. However, recently I was invited by the union of an academic institution where I served as second-in-command to speak at the retirement of their local union president, and I readily accepted because I have such high regard for this person. In many institutions the relationship between union presidents and senior executives can often be acerbic. But this union president and I never had a harsh or angry word between us. He is a consummate gentleman, kind, gentle, professional, highly knowledgeable and he subscribed to...

Posted: Oct 1, 2019

12 reasons why you might quit your job this year

A survey conducted by Deloitte indicates that by the year 2020, two in three Millennials are expected to hand in their resignation.But it’s not just a salary issue, and according to research from Psych Tests, turnover isn’t a plague of the young either. The researchers call attention to factors that employers will need to look out for if they hope to keep talented employees, both younger and older.Analyzing data from nearly 500 people who took their Turnover Probability Test, PsychTests’ researchers found the reasons for quitting weren’t limited to one or two grievances, and were not the same across generations.Here’s what their study revealed: Reason 1: Practicality (long...

Posted: Jul 3, 2019

Are negative people opportunities?

In The Essence of Happiness the Dalai Lama says that when negative people enter our lives we should treat those intrusions as opportunities to practise tolerance. Our exercise should be to try and replace that anger with serenity. Even though it is hard to do, when it does happen the sense of achievement brings a smile to the face and a load off the heart. In Dear Didi’s column in Desi News, we often read about the stresses that family interferences cause for some readers. In other newspaper columns we read about serious problems caused by relatives, friends and co-workers.Anxieties with extended family members and co-workers can cause sustained stress. Sometimes...

Posted: Feb 2, 2019

It’s natural to be motivated by compassion

Shortly after buying my first house, I discovered that my next door neighbour tended to overreact to any dilemma.His name was Joe, and I started thinking of him as Overkill Joe, and later simply Joverkill.For example, Joverkill found that he had squirrels living in his attic. It was no surprise to me that he had more squirrels in his yard than anyone else on the street. He had two lovely nut trees growing at either end of his house. In his front yard was a beautiful oak tree. A perfect shade tree, if I ever did see one; and in the fall it was laden with acorns. In his back yard was a huge pecan tree that I was particularly fond of because it would drop about a half bushel of pecans on my...

Posted: Dec 4, 2018

Losing a job can be an opportunity to start fresh
Posted: Dec 4, 2018

When did you quit believing everything you heard?
Posted: May 2, 2018

Venture outside your comfort zone, try something new
Posted: Apr 1, 2018

Soft skills to rule future jobs
Posted: Apr 1, 2018

Freedom, like everything else, comes with a price tag
Posted: Mar 7, 2018

Even in adverse situations there’s the silver lining of valuable lessons learned
Posted: Feb 3, 2018

The luckiest people are often bold enough to go after what they want
Posted: Nov 30, 2017

Envy can be a good thing when you use it to drive change
Posted: Nov 1, 2017

Four ways to exercise your creativity
Posted: Oct 2, 2017

How you interpret what you see is limited by our worldview
Posted: Sep 6, 2017

How far has your imagination taken you?
Posted: Aug 2, 2017

There’s no such thing as stubborn
Posted: Jul 1, 2017

Is motivating with fear a bad idea?
Posted: Apr 30, 2017

The scoop on a failed franchise
Posted: Apr 3, 2017

Where’s your motivation switch?
Posted: Mar 2, 2017

13 ways to boost the way you view yourself
Posted: Jan 31, 2017

The pursuit of pure joy
Posted: Jan 2, 2017

Don’t fret over a wrong assumption
Posted: Dec 1, 2016

When someone criticizes you, don’t take it personally, it’s not always about you
Posted: Oct 4, 2016

In every moment, you have a choice of whether to feel good or not
Posted: Sep 1, 2016

How to start a business of your own
Posted: Aug 7, 2016

Stuck in a worry loop? Here’s how to break the cycle and free your mind
Posted: Jul 4, 2016

Innovators are open to new experiences
Posted: Jun 1, 2016

10 things you can do to snap back from setbacks
Posted: May 4, 2016

Don’t raise your children to be victims of bullies
Posted: Apr 1, 2016

Authentic leaders don’t need power to rule
Posted: Feb 29, 2016

Good leaders are authentic, innovative and motivational
Posted: Feb 2, 2016

Talent, opportunity and stuff: How to finish with no regrets
Posted: Jan 5, 2016

Setting boundaries helps maintain integrity
Posted: Dec 1, 2015

See where your imagination can take you
Posted: Nov 1, 2015

Focusing too much on results may come in the way of taking the first step
Posted: Sep 30, 2015

Bullies and victims are two sides of the same coin
Posted: Sep 1, 2015

Innovation is all about finding the right the problem to solve
Posted: Aug 1, 2015

Discover the source of pain and move on
Posted: Jun 29, 2015

When in pain, use it to your advantage
Posted: Jun 2, 2015

Don’t empower bullies at work
Posted: Apr 28, 2015

Have you cast yourself as the victim, the villain or the hero?
Posted: Mar 30, 2015

Reinvent yourself, outsource innovation
Posted: Mar 2, 2015

Fear is a great motivator
Posted: Feb 3, 2015

Time spent on innovation is an investment in your future
Posted: Jan 4, 2015

Experience is the best teacher
Posted: Dec 3, 2014

Don’t let your fear of embarrassment keep you from trying new things
Posted: Sep 30, 2014

Believe you’ll succeed and you will
Posted: Sep 1, 2014

Get creative with the What If game
Posted: Jul 29, 2014

Newcomer, challenge yourself to be all you can be
Posted: Jun 30, 2014

Lessons from the locker room
Posted: Jun 2, 2014

Immigrant Success Award winners highlight the value of entrepreneurship
Posted: Jun 2, 2014

Music is a powerful motivator
Posted: Apr 30, 2014

What is driving you to succeed?
Posted: Apr 1, 2014

Will you be ready when opportunity knocks?
Posted: Mar 5, 2014

Who is pulling the strings in your personal success story?
Posted: Feb 4, 2014

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative
Posted: Jan 2, 2014

How to move forward
Posted: Dec 4, 2013

Step forward, try something new
Posted: Oct 30, 2013

Solve a mystery, gain an insight
Posted: Oct 2, 2013

Adversity is a great teacher
Posted: Sep 5, 2013

Arrive in Canada and turn challenges into opportunities
Posted: Jul 31, 2013

Not just hope, but a keen desire for success motivates newcomers
Posted: Jul 3, 2013

Newcomers, try humour while you try to find your feet
Posted: Jun 5, 2013

Plug into the network!
Posted: Apr 3, 2013

Good stuff also comes in threes
Posted: Mar 3, 2013

Empathy on empty
Posted: Jan 31, 2013

The rewards of being bold
Posted: Dec 4, 2012

Lessons from a shattered dream
Posted: Oct 31, 2012

Life lessons from my cat
Posted: Oct 2, 2012

What’s keeping you awake?
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

What’s the point of competing if you know you cannot win?
Posted: Aug 1, 2012

It is better to let the other person get away with it so that you can get away from it
Posted: Jul 4, 2012

Accept change and embrace life
Posted: May 30, 2012

What sheer determination can achieve
Posted: May 2, 2012

The first million is the hardest to make
Posted: Apr 2, 2012

Success: You’ll know when you’ve arrived
Posted: Feb 29, 2012

Honour in the age of expediency
Posted: Feb 1, 2012

I used to pretend to be Tom Hanks’ brother
Posted: Jan 3, 2012

Compelled by a great idea
Posted: Dec 1, 2011

Sometimes you have to rip the cover off the book
Posted: Nov 2, 2011

The reward is in the eye of the beholder
Posted: Oct 6, 2011

Posted: Aug 31, 2011

The buck starts here
Posted: Aug 31, 2011

What gives you the power to be more and do more?
Posted: Aug 5, 2011

How cool are you?
Posted: Jul 1, 2011

Are you leader material?
Posted: Jun 2, 2011

Canadians shake hands firmly when they meet
Posted: Jun 2, 2011

Lynda Goldman's Business Buzzwords
Posted: Apr 30, 2011

Thrown into the driver’s seat
Posted: Apr 30, 2011

A few words of praise can go a long way
Posted: Mar 31, 2011

Are you the head of the pack?
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

Is there a secret recipe for success?
Posted: Jan 6, 2011

How to build a successful online brand
Posted: Jan 6, 2011

The secret for people who don’t believe in voodoo
Posted: Dec 4, 2010

Are You On YouTube?
Posted: Dec 4, 2010

Maximizing your Canadian experience
Posted: Dec 4, 2010

Sometimes, an emotional pitch is much more powerful than a logical appeal
Posted: Nov 14, 2010

How to use Facebook as an effective business tool
Posted: Nov 14, 2010

Keep the ball rolling
Posted: Oct 16, 2010

So many social networks, so little time!
Posted: Oct 16, 2010

Unleash your latent creativity
Posted: Sep 3, 2010

Tweet your way to success!
Posted: Sep 3, 2010

Brand consistency – a cliché or a necessity?
Posted: Jul 25, 2010

The Pleasure Principle
Posted: Jul 2, 2010

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