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Music opens doors

Dr Vinay Bhide has a PhD in Physics and an Alankaar from the prestigious Gandharva Mahavidyalay in India. Internationally-recognized in his field, Dr Bhide has performed all over India and Europe, but on his terms. “Music is my passion, not a profession,” he says.

He began singing when he was a little boy growing up in a small village in Maharashtra and continued through school and university.

He received a fellowship from the French government to study at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris and landed there not knowing French.

It took him six months to pick up enough to get by but when he moved to material science from liquid crystals, the scholarship was no longer in effect. That’s when his music came in handy. He gave recitals on French radio, and performed all over France, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland. He was invited to teach Indian music at the Conservatory of Paris.

Dr Bhide moved to Canada with his wife Chumki and son Udit in  1996.

In his early years in Canada, Dr Bhide tried his hand at telemarketing without much success. He then got a job teaching Microsoft at a school before being hired by Compac (which then became Hewlett Packard) and worked there until  taking early retirement.

“We’d landed with no job in hand, with no plan. But music opens doors.”

He was asked if he would like to teach music at the university level and with Rajendra Gupta of ProSoya Food providing the funding, a music program was inaugurated at Carleton University, Ottawa. Since 2002, he has been adjunct research professor at the music department there and two courses in Indian music that are now a part of the curriculum are conceived and taught by him.

“I tell newcomers not to lose their roots or identity, but not to block evolution, either. I am rooted in Indian tradition, but tradition is not frozen in time. It is a work in progress. It evolves.”

“Learn for knowledge, for yourself, not for a performance. Learn from all sources, don’t limit yourself. Be sincere. I’ve learnt wherever I go”.

Posted: Jul 3, 2019

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