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MP is making a positive impact

Active in not just the Indo-Canadian community but in the wider mainstream community as well, Chandra Arya saw an opportunity to take his involvement to the next level.

“The impact I can make as a member of parliament is much greater,” says Arya, who was elected MP for his riding of Nepean in Ottawa.

Having served on the boards of Invest Ottawa and Immigrant Services, he was well aware of the issues and made economic and social development his priorities.

Originally from Bangalore, India, Arya came to Canada 14 years ago after a stint in Qatar.

“My wife Sangeetha and I wanted the best education for our son, the best quality of life and Canada was an obvious choice!”

They chose to settle in Ottawa.

“It is just the right size and reminded us of Bangalore in some ways. It is an ideal place to raise a family.”

Finding a job in his field was a little more complicated. He sent out resumés to financial institutions and the only ones Arya heard back from were those offering him jobs selling mutual funds. That was not what he was looking for.

He studied the senior management of those institutions. What did they have that he lacked? And discovered that he had to acquire certain qualifications such as Derivative Market Specialist, CIM, etc., if he aspired to those positions.

He did 13 courses in four months.

“We Indians can sit and study!” he chuckles.

Then, he added a one-page cover letter to his resumé, describing in what ways he could help grow their business. He heard back from four major banks, had offers from two and his first job in Canada within days.

“Now when I hear people say they were directors or VPs at their previous jobs, I say that’s wonderful. But put yourself in the employers’ shoes. If you were hiring, would you hire someone on compassionate grounds or someone who could contribute to your business? Don’t sit on your laurels, show them what you can do. Stand out from the crowd. You have to have an add-on factor.

 “In any field that you are passionate about, go for it. This is such a wonderful country. It is all up to you, nothing will come in the way of your achieving success. In fact, institutions are there to support you, people are willing to listen and help.

“But remember, in a developed economy, there is very little room for mediocrity. In a developing economy, even the mediocre can do well as part of a rising tide. Here, you have to be the best.”

Posted: Dec 4, 2018

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