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Being the candidate the employer is looking for

Aneela Zaib believes that if a person does not fit the profile an employer is looking for, he or she will fit another. As a new immigrant herself, she started out as an IT project manager and noticed that screening was based on key words in the resumé. 

“We all know that sometimes a resumé is not reflective of actual skills. Everyone has a special quality – I find a special fit for that quality,” says Zaib, who founded EmergiTel in 2006 to address what she perceived as a gap in the screening processes in hiring. She positions immigrants in front of Canadian employers, bridging the gap between what they are looking for and what newcomers offer.

“According to Statistics Canada, by 2031, all labour market growth will come from immigrants,” she says. “Newcomers face many challenges. Their degrees may not be recognized, or they may lack the technical jargon, but newcomers bring new skills that need to be understood and valued.”

She uses her own experience to help ease the tension candidates face before a job interview and cautions against the one-size-fits-all resumé.

“I was once a newcomer myself, I know how anxious we are to find that job, how we claim to be good at everything. But remember, employers are looking for specifics.”

She tells newcomers to stay on top of how technology is evolving, to be receptive to new information. She tells them to be patient, to think about ways to make themselves more valuable to employers.

Above all, she reminds them that diversity is important to Canadian employers, they need newcomer talent.

Aneela Zaib was recognized by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) which creates and champions solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants in the labour market for helping organizations tap into the diverse talent pool to the advantage of employers, immigrants and the region as a whole.

Posted: Sep 30, 2018

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