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“Scotiabank staff went out of their way to win our trust and provide a positive experience.”

“We tell everyone we know to move their accounts to Scotiabank,” 
say Neeraj and Nidhi Kher

Names: Neeraj and Nidhi Kher

Country of origin: Ghana

Year of arrival in Canada: 2010

Why we are Scotiabank customers: Neeraj was in sales and Nidhi worked as a solutions consultant in the information technology industry in Ghana, but after seven years in the country, they were ready for a move. Their son Jishnu and daughter Dhavani were growing up and the Khers had heard that the Canadian education system was compatible with the British system in which their kids were studying. They also heard that Canada welcomed immigrants and had great infrastructure. After immigrating to Canada, both found jobs in their fields and when they were ready to purchase a home, they went to Scotiabank. “Scotiabank offered competitive mortgage rates,” says Nidhi. “There were no hassles whatsoever. It was a great experience. Since then, my sister has moved her account to Scotiabank too.” 

The people at Scotiabank go out of their way to help: The Khers say they found Scotiabank to be very flexible. “They worked with us to get things done, to find solutions that best suited our needs to meet our financial goals. They earned our trust. We now recommend this positive experience to all our friends!”

Posted: Feb 4, 2014

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