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5 smart car tips to navigate winter driving

Winter driving is a whole different beast with seemingly more snow, ice and slush every year to get in our way. While we can’t control the weather that Mother Nature throws at us, we can prepare for it to ensure safety on the roads.

Winter tires are critical for road safety. “We live in Canada where the temperatures can go as low as 40 below,” says Jeff Bullock, a tire expert and spokesman for Hankook Tire. “Summer tires just can’t handle cold temperatures. They lose their grip, their stopping power and are not able to deliver the safety you get from using a proper winter tire.”

Here are a few quick tips to ensure you’re prepared for any wild weather this season brings:

  1. Winter tires: Switch to winter tires when temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius.
  2. Tire pressure: Check it once a month, when the vehicle has not been driven for at least four hours. It’s an early warning system that will reduce the chances of low pressure which can lead to flats which are extremely dangerous.
  3. Emergency warmth: Keep a warm sleeping bag, extra layers and tea light candles in the car in case of a breakdown.
  4. Fuel up: Don’t let your gas tank get below the half full mark and keep water and snacks on hand for yourself.
  5. Communication: Keep a back-up battery or charger for your cell phone and a flashlight in the vehicle so you can be located in the dark.

According to a Hankook Get a Grip Winter Tire Safety Poll, more women than men switch to winter tires. As for the timing of when to switch, it was those with the least driving experience, the millennials, who got it right. Sixty-two per cent correctly stated that putting winter tires on the vehicle was dependent on temperature. Those least likely to use winter tires are over 55, 44 per cent said they don’t use them.

More information is available at www.hankooktire.ca.

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Posted: Feb 2, 2019

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