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At the end of the day, business clichés are lazy language

Those pointless little phrases you use at work might be sending exactly the wrong message (for instance, that you’re too lazy to come up with something better).Here, I explain why it’s time to ditch those business clichés.Look up “business buzzwords” or “business clichés” and you’ll find article after article about these irritating, overused phrases.In fact, new ones come out each year documenting the latest crop that’s flourishing in workplaces across the world.In a world drowning in buzzwords, tweets, and hashtags, spouting mindless clichés in the workplace may seem harmless.But using too many professional platitudes could be more problematic than you thought.Not only...

Posted: Nov 1, 2017

Free online textbooks for Ontario students

Ontario is investing in free online textbooks and educational resources for students to make college and university more affordable and accessible.Deb Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development and Minister Responsible for Digital Government, made the announcement at eCampus Ontario, alongside partners in digital education.Ontario is partnering with eCampusOntario to develop and provide free and low-cost digital textbooks to students. The Ontario Open Textbooks Initiative will focus on Ontario-specific content in areas where the most significant impact and cost savings for students can be realized, including high-enrolment first-year courses, French language...

Posted: Jul 1, 2017

Mother tongue helps adult learners of English

In a study with post-secondary students, I conducted paper surveys with 90 English as a Second Language (ESL) students and interviewed 19 English for Academic Purposes (EAP) students. My in-depth interviews were with ten Chinese students whose mother tongues are Cantonese or Mandarin, one Spanish, one Japanese, three Bengali (Bangla), one Korean, one Arabic, one Urdu and one Punjabi-speaking student. Among them there was one pediatrician, one nurse, one engineer and one university professor, all trained practitioners in their own countries but not working in their fields here in Canada at the time.Two teachers created a space for mother tongues in their classrooms by allowing students...

Posted: Jul 1, 2017

Our mother tongue is an equity pillar

My life’s work as a teacher, principal, school superintendent and then as vice-president of a college has been in the area of equity and speaking out for the rights of marginalized and minority students.I inherited this work by default of birth, having been born on the “wrong side of the colour bar” in apartheid South Africa and having lost family members in the fight against apartheid.The life-and-death struggles with legalized racism in the first 21 years of my life solidified my quest for equity. In the 40-plus years since leaving South Africa and living, working and studying in Canada, I have found that while Canada is indeed one of the most tolerant countries in the world,...

Posted: May 30, 2017

Top 3 tips for your next career move

Whether you plan on returning to the classroom or back to the office after a summer vacation, it’s a time to regroup, think about finishing personal projects, and start setting goals for the months ahead.For some, it’s a time to take a big step and initiate a career change. As a guidance counsellor for TVO’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC), Tony Gradini has advised many students on the education required to support a career transition.Here are his top three tips on where to start:1. Finish where you’ve left off. Whether it’s picking up a couple of credits to finish your high school diploma or going back to college to finish your designation, commit to finishing. Online classes...

Posted: Apr 30, 2017

F&B programs pave the way to coveted jobs
Posted: Apr 30, 2017

Students can put money back in their pockets by filing their taxes
Posted: Mar 2, 2017

Want to make a career change? Find a career that you are passionate about
Posted: Jan 31, 2017

How to get free money for your child’s education
Posted: Dec 1, 2016

Careers in skilled trades for newcomers and youth
Posted: Oct 4, 2016

Careers in skilled trades are increasingly popular
Posted: Sep 1, 2015

Novel quiz gives international students a financial headstart
Posted: Aug 1, 2015

Seneca College and U of T team up to offer college diploma and a university degree in four years
Posted: Jun 2, 2015

Future professionals look to make their mark on an industry
Posted: Apr 28, 2015

The Next 36: A big catalyst for youth entrepreneurship
Posted: Mar 2, 2015

Simon Fraser University students win community engagement prize
Posted: Dec 3, 2014

Program welcomes international students
Posted: Sep 30, 2014

A Canadian kindergarten teacher helps her newcomer students integrate
Posted: Jan 2, 2014

Bishop’s University gets top marks from international students
Posted: Dec 4, 2013

International students, newcomers welcomed on the cricket pitch
Posted: Oct 30, 2013

Advice for undergrads on how to lock down an “A” in money management
Posted: Sep 5, 2013

Toronto welcomes international students
Posted: Sep 5, 2013

International student makes new friends in Canada
Posted: Sep 5, 2013

Lethbridge College: International students find success in Alberta
Posted: Jul 3, 2013

St Mary’s University: Where international students get to make a difference
Posted: Jun 5, 2013

St. Thomas University: The small university that fulfills big dreams
Posted: May 1, 2013

Studying in Canada: Sault College offers many options
Posted: Apr 3, 2013

Students! Launch your career in Canada
Posted: Mar 3, 2013

New rules planned for Canada-bound international students
Posted: Jan 31, 2013

Co-op opportunities for newcomer students in Canada
Posted: Dec 4, 2012

Planning on studying in Canada? A checklist for parents and students
Posted: Oct 2, 2012

Specialist high skill major program
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

Avoid cell shock!
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

A learning experience for Chennai students
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

How to stay safe on campus
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

Living on campus and loving it!
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

Canadian versus US universities: The choice is clear
Posted: Aug 1, 2012

Entrepreneurs straight out of school
Posted: Jul 4, 2012

Campus to career: Recent international graduate students share what it took to start their careers after graduation
Posted: May 30, 2012

Posted: May 2, 2012

The ins and outs of international student scholarships
Posted: Apr 2, 2012

Canadian universities offer a range of extra services
Posted: Feb 29, 2012

Your guide to getting around in Canada
Posted: Feb 1, 2012

Ten common myths about studying in Canada
Posted: Jan 3, 2012

LIFE AFTER UNIVERSITY: Start planning now!
Posted: Dec 1, 2011

Toronto celebrates international students
Posted: Nov 2, 2011

TAKE A big step forward with co-op
Posted: Nov 2, 2011

Canadian Campuses And Their Worldly Cuisine
Posted: Oct 6, 2011

Study desination Canada: How to beat culture shock blues
Posted: Aug 31, 2011

What do you need to bring with you to Canada as an international student?
Posted: Aug 5, 2011

Managing your money at university: A guide for international students
Posted: Jul 1, 2011

Preparing for Canadian universities: experts show you the way
Posted: Jun 2, 2011

Summertime...and the working is easy!
Posted: Apr 30, 2011

Picking the right university
Posted: Mar 31, 2011

CMA Ontario builds partnerships with top Indian business schools
Posted: Mar 31, 2011

Students can now apply for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) three months earlier
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

Ontario invests in Education
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

How to apply to Canadian universities with success
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

57 per cent of Canadian students say they plan to work while studying
Posted: Jan 6, 2011

How to get that well-rounded Canadian experience
Posted: Jan 6, 2011

Canadian university presidents visit India
Posted: Nov 14, 2010

Navigating the Canadian workplace
Posted: Nov 14, 2010

Juggling the cost of tuition, books, rent and food
Posted: Oct 16, 2010

Canada works to welcome more Chinese students to Canadian colleges
Posted: Oct 1, 2010

Ontario expands PNP to Master’s Students
Posted: Oct 1, 2010

Public Mobile gives 5,000 students free school supplies
Posted: Sep 14, 2010

CUAC helps international students ease into campus life in Canada
Posted: Sep 3, 2010

UFCW Canada scholarships for the children of migrant workers
Posted: Aug 6, 2010

Why students headed to Canadian universities seek CUAC’s counsel
Posted: Aug 6, 2010

Ontario opens Its doors to students from India
Posted: Jul 25, 2010

Corporate Knights releases 2010 Engineering Knight School Survey
Posted: Jul 15, 2010

The route to Canadian citizenship...
Posted: Jul 1, 2010

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