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Canadian nursing designations set the bar higher

Komal Patel, Audrey Cianfarani and Lollita Rahaman were among nurses recognized during National Nursing Week 

In partnership with Cancer Care Ontario, University Health Network and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, de Souza Institute created the Designation program in 2009.

Created by a government initiative, de Souza Designates have the advanced skills and expertise to provide the best care possible to cancer patients and their families. 

The Designation showcases advanced knowledge and expertise in cancer and palliative care. 

There are four types of Designations available to nurses based on their level of practice: de Souza Nurse Associate, de Souza Nurse, de Souza APN and de Souza Scholar.

Lollita Rahaman and Komal Patel from William Osler Cancer Centre are the first master prepared Registered Nurses (RN) in Ontario to receive a de Souza APN Designation. 

The de Souza APN Designation is the most difficult to obtain of the four Designations offered by de Souza Institute. 

Rahaman and Patel have completed 150 hours of continuing education at de Souza Institute and earned the de Souza APN Designation. 

Both also completed 4.0 de Souza course credits in cancer/palliative care, a clinical fellowship and an extensive research project. This Designation showcases their specialization in cancer care knowledge. 

Audrey Cianfarani, a RPN from William Osler Health System, Etobicoke site, is the tenth de Souza Designate.

“My de Souza Designation means that I am privileged to have knowledge and understanding that is current, relevant and up-to-date,” she said. “The Designation enhances effective communication for patients and families and that is of the utmost importance to me. The other elements of our nursing care becomes easier to facilitate and implement as a result.”

“These 10 de Souza Designates represent nursing excellence in palliative care and cancer care” said Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, Director of de Souza Institute. 

“With their Designation, each nurse is not only ensuring patient safety but the latest in pain management and supportive emotional care.”

de Souza Institute provides continuing education to nurses and other health care professionals caring for cancer or palliative care patients. Now, patients can rest assured that they are getting the same level of care in rural Ontario, as they are in downtown Toronto.

To-date, de Souza Institute has reached nearly 6,000 nurses across Ontario. Within this group, there are special nurses who have worked towards the prestigious Designation. 

To obtain a Designation, a nurse must study 150 hours of de Souza course and in some cases, do a clinical fellowship and/or research project. 

“Our nurses play an integral role in the lives of our patients, their families and the community,” said Matthew Anderson, President and CEO, William Osler Health System. 

“We regularly hear stories about how our nurses have gone above and beyond to ensure our patients have exceptional experiences at Osler. National Nursing Week is the perfect time to celebrate these achievements and honour the men and women who deliver patient-inspired health care without boundaries.”

This year’s awards recipients include:

Nursing Management Award: Joy Fitzgerald and Manjit Budwal.

TD Bursary in Clinical Excellence and Professional Development: Cathy Renaud, Nima Desai and Maria Tello

“We are enormously proud of the accomplishments of all of our nurses and award winners,” said Joanne Flewwelling, Executive Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive, William Osler Health System. 

“Our nurses are there every step of the way as our patients make their ways through their hospital and health care experience. Thanks to their compassion, knowledge, positivity and boundless energy, we can provide high-quality care to our community. We are so thankful for all they do.”

Posted: Jun 2, 2014

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