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New Atlantic Immigration pilot change to help newcomers feel at home

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is adding a new component to provide a better quality of life to skilled immigrants and their families, who came to Atlantic Canada to work by providing their spouses with intermediate skill level, such as food and beverage servers or long-haul truck drivers, an opportunity to apply for an open work permit.

This change supports the Atlantic Immigration Pilot’s goal to ensure newcomers who have come here, stay here.

Originally, only the spouses of those in high-skilled positions, such as managers, medical doctors or architects, were able to apply for a work permit. Feedback helped highlight the importance of spouses having the ability to immediately access the labour market in the Atlantic region.

“Good quality of life for newcomers that have come to work here through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot is critical to their success and making sure they make Atlantic Canada their forever home,” said Matt DeCourcey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is an innovative partnership aimed at ensuring the long-term retention and integration of newcomers in Atlantic Canada to help drive economic growth.

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Posted: Aug 1, 2019

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